Brigitte has killed my enjoyment for the game.

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I just generally dislike her entire kit, except for her E ( her healing abilty ). I might just be little whiny, but she's generally killed my enjoyment for quickplay, and it's a shame, cause I've really liked the most recent changes to the game. I fear I might completely stop playing, when she get's released into comp. I like the idea of how the entire game changes, when a new hero is released, but it can allso effect the game, as it's done with me now, that, that one hero can kill my entire enjoyment for the game. I myself mainly play dps, but I can allways fill, and I feel like the game keeps giving more options to counter certain hero's. Such as Tracer, Genji, and really any charactor with a lot of mobilty. Especially now with the release of brigitte. I can't be alone in thinking, it's not very fun, getting one shot, by a support, while playing Tracer, which is excactly what Brigitte does, she's yet another counter to low health targets, and characters with a lot of mobilty, with her super annoying shield-bash, and that rocket-flail. I honestly just thinks she has too much dmg, and too much sustain, when comparing to other supports, and on top of that, she dosen't even have to aim.

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